Site Development Planning

Campus Development Plan

The 2006 Review of the Campus Development Plan was completed in 2008 and the Concept Plan was lodged and accepted by the Hamilton City Council in March 2009.

The Concept Plan is a re-work of previous Site Development Plans, which went through considerable consultation. The final Plan is available now as a pdf:

Part 1: Introduction 6 pages 400kB
Part 2: Context 9 pages 1.2MB
Part 3: Campus Planning Framework 6 pages 440kB
Part 4: Campus Design Framework 7 pages 1MB
Part 5: Design Elements 24 pages 4.3MB
Part 6: Design Concept of Key Elements 5 pages 1MB
Part 7: Implementation 6 pages 300kB

This plan builds upon the Urban Design Strategy in 2003 which was the subject of very wide consultation. The 2006 Review was also subject to formal consultation and comment.

The perspective of the 2006 Review was from an Urban Design viewpoint and as such focussed strongly on what was the best way to plan the campus such that it works as an integrated whole. Probably the major difference between this and the previous Campus Development Plan is the concentration of activities in areas broadly defined by the east-west walkway and Hillcrest Road, and the strengthening of certain nodes along those routes.

Like any such planning document it is a guideline rather than a set of prescriptive rules and as such development will vary to some degree from what is indicated on it. It also varies from the previous Plan in as much as some of the technical aspects of design that were mentioned in the previous plan are left out of this one and they will instead be incorporated into a Technical Design Manual.

If you wish to make any comments on this Plan please email them to the Campus Development Manager.

To contact us please refer to Campus Development Staff Contact.