• Uniting new science and traditional Māori knowledge (5 December 2018)

    A major Marsden Fund project will combine cutting edge science with Mātauranga Māori to reveal the secrets of pā across the Waikato.

  • Dancing from the heart (3 December 2018)

    December’s graduation ceremony will mark the end of an academic journey and the start of a year-long travel adventure for 21-year-old dancer Courtney Richmond.

  • The Melanesian Fire (23 November 2018)

    A form of evangelical Christianity swept through the parts of the Pacific like wildfire, and a Waikato researcher is about to chart its course for the first time.

  • Combatting the myth of the unworthy poor (22 November 2018)

    Dr Mohi Rua's looking at ways to curb poverty and the myths around it.

  • The Embrace of our Ancestors (20 November 2018)

    For Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki ‘the embrace of our ancestors’ refers to the need for Māori psychologists to return to the knowledge of their ancestors.

  • Ending the cycle of exploitation for immigrant workers (15 November 2018)

    Waikato’s Professor Francis Collins is one of those leading research for the Government to help curb migrant exploitation in the workplace.

  • A novel approach (2 November 2018)

    The University of Waikato’s new Writer in Residence plans to work on a new novel with a whip in its tail.

  • A trio of Fellows (1 November 2018)

    The Royal Society Te Apārangi has elected three University of Waikato academic leaders as Fellows.

  • New awards bestowed on Waikato (18 October 2018)

    Groundbreaking academics from the University of Waikato have been honored by the Royal Society Te Apārangi.

  • Poster students for Psychology research (15 October 2018)

    From the effect of social media on Pacific cultural identity to the reason the moon looks bigger on the horizon than in the sky, last week’s Psychology poster session showcased the wide range of questions that Waikato’s honours students have worked hard to answer this year.

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