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Supporting students through COVID-19

Like many of us, University of Waikato students are impacted by the current COVID-19 outbreak. With New Zealand currently in a nationwide lockdown, many of our students are unable to rely on their usual part-time work to help fund their studies and living costs, and will be unsure when, or if, they can return to those jobs in the uncertain weeks and months ahead.

With your help, we can make sure those students most impacted by the financial effects of the COVID-19 crisis can continue their studies without worrying about getting behind on rent or wondering how they will pay for their groceries.

To help our students in these tough, unprecedented times, please support the University of Waikato Student Hardship Fund. Your help will go a long way to ensuring those students who are most financially at-risk have one less thing to worry about and can continue their studies uninterrupted. From late March, the University of Waikato is teaching fully online to help students stay focused on their studies.

Find out the other ways we’re helping students through COVID-19 here.

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