Trustee focus


John Matheson: Director, Calder & Lawson Tours and Calder & Lawson Investments


John Matheson has always had an eye for the travel industry.

Born and raised in Dunedin, John trained as a cadet with Air New Zealand in his hometown before transferring to Hamilton as a booking officer and supervisor. He was later promoted to Waikato area sales representative.

John started with Calder & Lawson in 1987 as a shareholder and director, where he was responsible for corporate and business travel.

Up until 2013 he was a shareholder, director and travel manager for Calder & Lawson House of Travel and Orbit Corporate Travel, and is currently director of both Calder & Lawson Tours and property investment company Calder & Lawson Investments. 

Outside of work John remains active in his local community. He has chaired the board of trustees for Knighton Normal School in Hamilton, and served as a trustee for Volunteering Waikato.

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