Areas for support

Every single dollar raised goes directly towards helping students achieve their potential and to maximise the economic and social impact of the University. You can choose from a range of areas to support, including scholarships, research, enriching the campus experience or the Endowment Fund, which allows us to put your gift to the greatest area of need. To donate to the University of Waikato, click here. Thank you for supporting the University of Waikato.

Break down barriers to study

Scholarships celebrate the excellence and potential of our students. They can remove barriers to tertiary study, and enable students to realise and achieve their potential. Most importantly, scholarships tell students that someone believes in them, and it fast-tracks them to helping make an impact in the world. Students can receive support from donors in several ways, from named scholarships through to prizes and donations for hardship. Talk to us to find out how you can support students at Waikato.

Support research to move us forward

The University of Waikato is an engine room for new knowledge, with research supporting social development, economic progress, and environmental sustainability. Our research is focused on understanding and protecting our environment, supporting wellbeing through important health and nursing education, building a smart economy, and the security and safety of our communities in person and online. You can support an established research project or talk to us about advancing a specific area.

Enriching our environment

We are committed to providing our students with cutting-edge learning spaces and inspiring surroundings to help them succeed. This is evident in our stunning Tauranga campus, and the University is now building an innovative and versatile new facility in Hamilton, The Pā, which will transform the on-campus experience for students, staff, visitors, and the wider community. There are many opportunities to contribute to enriching the campus experience for students. Talk to us to find out more.

Invest in the University of Waikato

You may choose to support the University of Waikato Endowment Fund, which allows the University to put your gift towards an area of great need, while also enhancing your gift's impact. The Endowment Fund exists in perpetuity, and is building to a point where the returns it generates can be used to help the University. You may also wish to name the University as a beneficiary of your will, and we encourage you to discuss this further with us. Talk to us to find out more about making a lasting gift.