The University of Waikato Endowment Fund

John Gallagher

"As a donor the reward is the huge sense of pride you get seeing Waikato students achieve and contribute meaningfully to society. The community is all the better for having a university in its heart and we need to acknowledge that and support it."- Dr John Gallagher, CNZM, KStJ, JP, Patron of the University of Waikato Foundation.

Many great universities of the world have been built on a solid foundation of philanthropy. Communities benefit from having a university in their midst - culturally, socially and economically. The University of Waikato contributes significantly to economic prosperity in the region - $770 million in 2011. Our staff are dedicated to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation and educating future generations.

With the University having celebrated its 50th anniversary, the time has come to demonstrate our institutional maturity by prioritising the growth of our Endowment Fund, which will allow the strategic investment of interest earned.

Endowments are a means of making a significant and lasting gift. The Gallagher Family and Group have generously committed to providing $2.5 million to launch the University of Waikato Endowment Fund. Alumni and friends of the University are warmly invited to add their support. The Endowment will exist in perpetuity, supporting us in our journey to become one of the top universities in Australasia.

Support our Endowment Fund by downloading a Donation Form or Donate Online.