Sports Science

Sports Science LabThe University of Waikato Sports Science laboratory, He Puna Oranga Tinana, provides specialist fitness testing services for recreational to high performance athletes, sports teams and schools.

Athletes visit He Puna Oranga Tinana to gain an insight into their current physiological status using measures of anaerobic/aerobic capacity and efficiency, speed, agility, strength and power. This information can be used to set training zones, monitor performance and to guide training programmes to ensure athletes are training efficiently and effectively.

Our cutting edge testing equipment includes a metabolic cart (to test VO2max and other metabolic indices), a range of high-end testing ergometers (kayak, cycling, rowing and running), blood lactate analysis equipment, field testing technology (GPS, wireless timing lights, vertical jump equipment) as well as biomechanics technology (force platforms, force transducers) which enable us to test many difference components of athletic performance. We also run seminars catering for athletes and coaches wishing to understand the application of data to a training program.

Specialist packages can be designed for schools wishing to provide their students with unique education offerings in an applied high performance setting.

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