Te Huataki Waiora Faculty of Health, Sport and Human Performance

With more focus being placed on how we live in our world, The Faculty of Health, Sport and Human Performance (HSHP) provides an innovative platform for bringing together expertise from across the University and our community to explore new ideas and ways of looking at issues and challenges that affect how we live, work and play.

Our Māori name is symbolic of the philosophical intent of the Faculty and the focus of our collective endeavours. ‘Waiora’ is synonymous with ‘Hauora’ and a holistic concept of wellbeing, it also has synergies with Wai-kato, the name of the region, the University, and the mana whenua, the local iwi (the people of these lands).

‘Huataki’ is multi-faceted it reflects our desire to introduce (taki) ways of working that bring together a significant number (hua) of other faculties in the University and our partners in the community, to achieve (whai ‘hua’) our collective goals in teaching and research in HSHP. ‘Huataki’ is also a less well-known word for ‘raising, uplifting, preparing performance’, in particular in the theory and ritual preparation of the performers wherein the physical performance is protected, assisted and supported by the metaphysical (including the theoretical bases underpinning the work of the academy). As Associate Professor Tom Roa outlines, ‘Huataki’ were performed before warriors went into battle to uplift them in their physical feats.

One Bachelors Degree, Three Majors

With a programme of study that focusses on being dynamic and challenging, we aim to provide clear career paths and employment opportunities. Strong collaborative partnerships with organisations such as SportNZ, local DHB’s and iwi groups, NZ Recreation Association, Sport Waikato, sports franchises, and High Performance Sport NZ provide both academic staff and our students with exciting opportunities to live and work with the latest theories and practices.

The Bachelor of Health, Sport and Human Performance (BHSHP) is a flexible, three-year degree that lets you major in your choice of:

  • Community Health, or;
  • Human Performance Science, or;
  • Sport Development and Coaching

The BHSHP is a broad enough qualification for you to study alongside budding sportspeople, coaches, community advisers, wellness consultants, event managers and more.

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Take it to the Next Level with a Masters

Extend your knowledge and support your skills with a Masters in Health, Sport and Human Performance. As a research based qualification, a Masters allows you select an area of specialisation and gives you access to world class active researchers and facilities.

The ultimate in flexible degrees, it can work the way you need it to. If you need it to fit it round work, have seasonal or competition commitments, live somewhere else or want to get right into it, we can support you to do so.

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Research that Makes a Difference

Our team of internationally recognised research-informed academic staff bring cutting-edge knowledge, theories and applications to their interactions with students, and work hard to ensure that real life and study go hand in hand.

Complimenting this, our PhD students push the boundaries of current thinking and show how the things we do daily can contribute to the wellbeing and enjoyment and performance of individuals, communities and societies.

We Kickstart Amazing Careers

Grant Rutherford

Budding exercise physiologist and former Scotland Deaf Rugby international

Stacey Waaka

Rugby World Cup stop Olympics

Amy Marfell

Amy Marfell

Sport Waikato's Participation Growth Advisor

World-Class Facilities and Deep Industry Partnerships

Our research would not be possible without access to some fantastic facilities and organisations. Here are just a few that we work with.

Our Latest News

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Two new appointments for University of Waikato

Two leading health and sport researchers join Te Huataki Waiora Faculty of Health, Sport and Human Performance.
2 November 2017

Let me hear your body talk

We sat down with Dr Matt Driller to discuss the importance of post-training recovery for gym-goers and athletes alike.
29 August 2017

Medical School announcement acknowledges rural health crisis

National’s election promise to establish a School of Rural Medicine acknowledges the extent of the health crisis facing rural and vulnerable New Zealanders, says Vice-Chancellor Professor Neil Quigley.
28 August 2017

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