Dr Anna Rolleston

Anna Rolleston

Senior Research Fellow

Qualifications: PhD, MSc, PGDipHSc, BSc

About Anna

Anna’s background and early career was in high performance sport working within the Vodafone Warriors, BOP Magic, Beach Volleyball NZ and HPSNZ. Her current work now sits firmly in the health and wellbeing space where she advocates for research and services that focus on equity and that disrupt the current status quo within the health system. Anna’s research is largely community based with a view to supporting those communities to self determine their own health. She spends a large amount of time engaging with key stakeholders in the health world, establishing and maintaining community relationships, and ensuring research serves the people who participate. Anna’s current projects include a cardiovascular risk reduction project that uses a kaupapa Maori philosophy which is NZ Heart Foundation funded. She is also a co-investigator in a recently funded HRC project led by Professor Ross Lawrenson entitled “Improving early access to lung cancer diagnosis for Maori and rural communities.”

Recent Publications

  • Cardwell, K., Kerse, N., Ryan, C., Teh, R., Moyes, S. A., Menzies, O., . . . Hughes, C. M. (2020). The Association Between Drug Burden Index (DBI) and Health-Related Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study of the ‘Oldest Old’ (LiLACS NZ). Drugs and Aging. doi:10.1007/s40266-019-00735-z

  • Rolleston, A., & Brown, A. (2019). Walking an Indigenous Pathway: Bridging the Gap in Cardiovascular Health. Heart Lung and Circulation, 28(6), 823-824. doi:10.1016/j.hlc.2019.04.002

  • Teh, R., Kerse, N., Waters, D. L., Hale, L., Pillai, A., Leilua, E., . . . Connolly, M. J. (2019). Study protocol of a randomised controlled trial to examine the impact of a complex intervention in pre-frail older adults. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. doi:10.1007/s40520-018-1106-7

  • Ryan, C., Teh, R., Moyes, S., Wilkinson, T., Connolly, M., Rolleston, A., . . . Kerse, N. (2019). Quality of prescribing predicts hospitalisation in octogenarians: Life and living in advanced age: A cohort study in New Zealand (LiLACS NZ). BMC Geriatrics, 19(1). doi:10.1186/s12877-019-1305-x

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Exercise; Health; Maori Health

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