Professor Katrina Roen

Katrina Roen

Professor of Sociology

Qualifications: Ph.D.

Papers Taught

Research Interests

Theoretical and methodological investments

My research centrally concerns health and well-being, youth identities, sexuality and gender. I draw from critical psychology, sociology, interdisciplinary health research, youth studies, and gender studies, engaging with concepts of discourse, embodiment, and subjectivity. My work tends to be qualitative, with an emphasis on methodological approaches that enable analysis of the relationships between the individual level (experience, language, subjectivity) and the socio-cultural level (discourse, power relations, socio-political contexts). I am centrally involved in two substantive areas of research:

i) Well-being, gender identity and the sexed body

I am leading a collaboration between the University of Oslo, Surrey University, and University College London Hospitals. The focus is on the health care and psycho-social well-being of intersex children and youth, i.e., those regarded medically as having a ‘disorder of sexual development’.

ii) Youth cultures, emotion, and youth online

I have been doing research concerning youth, suicide attempting, and self-harming since 2000 and much of this work concerns LGBTIQ youth self-harm has been done in collaboration with Elizabeth McDermott (Lancaster University). I am currently collaborating with Erik Carlquist and Lin Prøitz (University of Oslo) on a series of studies concerning affect, well-being, and digital cultures.

Recent Publications

  • Roen, K., & Lundberg, T. (2020). Intersex mental health. In E. D. Rothblum (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health.

  • Roen, K. (2019). Intersex or diverse sex development: Critical review of psychosocial health care research and indications for practice. Journal of Sex Research, 56(4-5), 511-528. doi:10.1080/00224499.2019.1578331

  • Roen, K., & Groot, S. (2019). Trans* and gender diverse youth: Applied and critical social psychology working in the margins. In K. C. O'Doherty, & D. Hodgetts (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Psychology (pp. 85-98). SAGE.

  • Carlquist, E., Prøitz, L., & Roen, K. (2019). Streams of fun and cringe: talking about Snapchat as mediated affective practice. Subjectivity. doi:10.1057/s41286-019-00074-9

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Gender; Health; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Critical psychology, Sexuality and gender studies, Intersex, Transgender, Queer research, Embodiment, Emotional well-being, Qualitative and digital research methods

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