Research Health, Sport and Human Performance

Te Hautaki Waiora's interdisciplinary approach to research means we make distinctive and innovative contributions to how individuals and groups engage in HSHP.

Uniquely exploring both theoretical and practical facets, the research undertaken by academic staff and post graduate students ranges across the areas of High Performance Sport, Community Wellbeing, Sport for Development, and Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Aligning with the greater goals of the University of Waikato, our research strives to enhance our expertise and commitment to issues of equity, sustainability and innovative methodologies. Among the key areas of focus are:

  • Action and lifestyle sport
  • Adventure and sustainability
  • Clinical exercise physiology
  • Coaching
  • Education, governance and leadership
  • Global health and sustainability
  • Health communication/promotion/education
  • Integrated genetic solutions, Māori/Pacific Island health
  • Neurological injury (protection and regeneration)
  • Population health
  • Sport science (including biomechanics, physiology, strength and conditioning, nutrition, skill acquisition, performance analysis).

Reaching New Heights

Our name Te Huataki Waiora demonstrates our desire to diffuse "disciplinary boundaries" of Health, Sport and Human Performance. Below are some snapshots of our research that shows just how far we can reach.

Women are not just small men

University of Waikato Senior Research Fellow, Dr Stacy Sims, is changing attitudes in the sport science field. Her research addresses female physiology and how this influences athletic performance.

Dr Sims’ research helps sport coaches to develop tailored training, nutrition and recovery programmes that enable women to achieve greater results and is based at the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance in Tauranga.

Can action sports help make a better world?

Founder of the Action Sports for Development and Peace (ADSP) website, Associate Professor Holly Thorpe, and PhD candidate Neftalie Williams did an interview on Radio New Zealand about the power of action sports for social development. You can listen and read the full story.

What are humans truly capable of?

We're finding ways for elite athletes to do a little bit more, and do it more often. We're fitting sport into efforts that develop and change societies around the world. We're working with individuals, teams and subcultures. We're fascinated by human capability.