Associate Professor Nic D Gill

Nic Gill

Associate Professor in Human Performance

Qualifications: PhD, BPhEd (Hons)

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About Nic

Nic has been combining the role of "scientist" and "coach" for over 18 years.  While teaching and supervising students since the completion of his PhD in 2001 Nic has also been a Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Over the last 10 years Nic has been the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the All Blacks (2008-present).  Nic loves to "complete" Ironman once a year and has a real passion for helping people achieve their POTENTIAL. Whether that is helping a student complete their PhD, helping an unhealthy person turn their life around or helping the best rugby team on the planet sustain their performance.

Research Supervised

Currently supervising a number of students in a range of areas including:

  • strength and power development
  • rugby performance and how to best prepare rugby players
  • heat acclimation and performance in hot environments
  • upper respiratory tract infections in athletes
  • child health and learning
  • sleep and nocturnal nutrition
  • methods to measure and enhance change of direction in athletes

Research Interests

My research interests center around health and human performance.  Whilst I have been working with the All Blacks for over 10 years and a lot of my research has revolved around rugby and the development of the best players in the world, I also have a passion for health and performance.  Specifically:

  • methods of strength and power development
  • heat acclimation and performance in hot environments
  • child health
  • sleep and nutrition

Recent Publications

  • McNeill, C., Beaven, C. M., McMaster, D. T., & Gill, N. (2019). Eccentric training interventions and team sport athletes. Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, 4(4). doi:10.3390/jfmk4040067

  • Sella, F. S., McMaster, D. T., Beaven, C. M., Gill, N. D., & Hébert-Losier, K. (2019). Match Demands, Anthropometric Characteristics, and Physical Qualities of Female Rugby Sevens Athletes: A Systematic Review. Journal of strength and conditioning research, 33(12), 3463-3474. doi:10.1519/JSC.0000000000003339 Open Access version:

  • Wintershoven, K., McMaster, D., Gill, N., & Beaven, C. (2019). The reality of small-sided games in rugby union. In Sports and Exercise Science New Zealand (pp. 38). Conference held Palmerston North, New Zealand.

  • Lo, M., Aughey, R. J., Hopkins, W. G., Gill, N., & Stewart, A. M. (2019). Out of your zone? 21 years of travel and performance in Super Rugby. Journal of Sports Sciences. doi:10.1080/02640414.2019.1620427

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Children's and Youth Sport; Classroom Management; Elite Athletes; Health; Performance; Physical Education; Sport Science; Sports

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Cellphone: +64 274 888 699