Postgraduate Study

The University of Waikato's Te Huataki Waiora School of Health boasts world-renowned active researchers and lecturers who have international expertise and reputations across all areas of study. You will work in our high-tech laboratories at the Cambridge Avantidrome or the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance in Tauranga, and will benefit from our collaborative relationships established with local organisations. These partnerships bring opportunities for you to connect with elite athletes and teams for research including: District Health Boards, community-based health organisations; Chiefs Super Rugby team, Waikato/BOP Magic, Cycling NZ and organisations such as High Performance Sport NZ, Parafed, Disabilities Waikato, and Sport Waikato.

Master of Health, Sport and Human Performance

Extending and supporting your existing knowledge, the Master of Health, Sport and Human Performance is a research-based qualification that will teach you to critically examine the literature, and understand how it relates to different sporting contexts and fields of study. The Masters qualification allows students to choose their own area of specialisation including fields in community health, sports physiology, exercise science, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, motor-learning, biomechanics, coaching, education, leadership and socio-cultural aspects of health, sport and human performance.

Throughout your course of study you'll receive opportunities to get involved in real-world research to make a difference in people’s lives, as well as equipping you with the practical skills to work in contexts that are relevant to you.

The MHSHP is a flexible degree, giving you the option to tailor the programme to meet your needs. Our staff hold the expertise to supervise a diverse range of projects, and you have the option of completing the qualification over one year full-time, or part time while working.

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Meet one of our Masters Students

Kristie Bailiee

Doctoral Study

A Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Education programme provides the opportunity for individuals to:

  • critically investigate a topic of substance and significance;
  • enhance understandings of your own or others practices;
  • demonstrate expertise in the methods of research and scholarship;
  • make a substantial original contribution to a field; and
  • advance their career professionally.

In completing a doctorate as part of the research community in Te Hautaki Waiora you will benefit from our interdisciplinary approaches, and staff who are active researchers connected to to a wide range of high performance and community organisations.

Meet Some of our PhD Candidates

Jen Treacy

Exploring the acute and chronic affects of concussions.

Koen Wintershoven

Sana Oladi

Landing safely from accidental falls.

Other Graduate and Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Certificate

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas provide the opportunity for continuing professional development in the same area as an original degree. A postgraduate diploma can often lead to a Masters degree.

Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate diplomas provide the opportunity for continuing professional development in the same area as an original degree. A postgraduate diploma can often lead to a Masters degree.

Bachelor with Honours

A one year programme for high-performing graduates that extends current study and creates a pathway to a Masters degree