Sana Oladi: Safe landing strategies for the elderly

Sana's research involves being able to reduce the risk of injury from accidental falls by using motor analogies. These motor analogies are designed specifically to promote safe landing and Sana is investigating their efficacy using biomechanical (effect on body) and cognitive (effect on mind) measures.

In New Zealand, falls account for 28% of all injuries and are among the most important reasons of health loss among older adults. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and death among the older adult population. Consequently, one of the major concerns in countries with an aging population is the increasing rate of falling.

Reducing injuries from falls through safe landing can curb the costs imposed on the healthcare sector, and decrease the resulting adverse physiological and psychological effects. Sana's findings of this research will be beneficial for improving community health and making a difference in the well-being of people in local, regional and national communities.

This research is part of a broader program of research led by Professor Rich Masters and involving Dr Liis Uiga and Dr Kim Hébert-Losier. The program is funded by Freemasons Foundation of New Zealand and is supported by the doctoral scholarship program of the University of Waikato.

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