Waikato Management School

This building provides a perfect venue to host larger conferences requiring multiple breakout rooms.

Waikato Management School contains several large lecture theatre spaces with multiple breakout rooms also available. The foyer has ample room for exhibitions, trade displays and catering.

Room No. Capacity Tiered
Tables/ Chairs Audio Computer Video/ DP Room Rate Per Day (incl GST)
MSB1.01 120  Yes    Yes  Yes  Yes $200.00
MSB1.02 50  Yes    Yes  Yes  Yes $150.00
MSB1.03 50  Yes    Yes  Yes  Yes $150.00
MSB1.05 120  Yes    Yes  Yes  Yes $200.00
MSB1.09 12    Yes       $40.00
MSB1.13 25    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes $50.00
MSB1.15 25    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes $50.00
MSB1.17 15    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes $40.00
MS4.01 36    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes $50.00
MS4.02 36    Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes $50.00
ELT 250  Yes    Yes  Yes  Yes $350.00
PWC 394  Yes    Yes  Yes  Yes $500.00


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