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The University of Newcastle and the University of Waikato

Global Partnership

With a Student Exchange Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding already in place, The University of Waikato and The University of Newcastle are enthusiastic about creating additional avenues for collaboration through the development and formalisation of a strategic partnership.

The two tertiary providers have several research commonalities, particularly across the Indigenous engagement, social sciences and engineering disciplines.

Delegations from each of the universities visited the other’s campus in 2022 in a demonstration of the commitment to explore opportunities to work more closely together and increase research capabilities and engagement with teaching and learning.

Dr Raymond Kelly, Dr Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai, Professor Alex Zelinsky, Professor Neil Quigley, Dr Te Kahautu Maxwell, and Professor Kent Anderson.

Partnership seed fund

The University of Waikato and The University of Newcastle invite all staff members to take advantage of our partnership seed fund. The fund is intended to support collaborative research, teaching, and/or professional services projects between our two institutions. Applicants will need to clearly demonstrate measurable outcomes of their projects and how their collaboration will develop going forward.

July 2023 update: There was a very high level of engagement with the first round of our seed fund, with a total of 28 applications submitted. Thank you to all the project teams for your interest in collaborating and supporting the partnership between our two institutions. We were only able to fund seven projects in this round, but plan to offer further rounds of funding in 2024.

Information about the successful projects can be found here.

Round one: Applications due 19 May 2023.

Application process

If you are interested in being involved as a peer reviewer, please get in touch.

Connecting Staff

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