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The University of Waikato is committed to internationalism through the development of sustainable relationships with like-minded institutions. In key markets, the focus of the University's partnerships is to establish integrated research and teaching activities to build long-term sustainable relationships.

At the University of Waikato, we place emphasis on establishing partnership programmes including dual and joint degrees with the potential for the University to offer its qualifications offshore.

Research partnerships are encouraged - both with existing and new partners - which will focus on the research strengths of the University.

Our models

Dual degrees

In this model, a student receives two degrees - one from their home university and one from Waikato.

Offshore delivery

In some countries, Waikato is able to provide staff to deliver some of its programmes offshore, as part of undergraduate dual degree programmes.

Joint degrees

This is when two universities issues one degree, bearing both university crests.

Study abroad

Study abroad can be for 6-12 months, where a student pays a fixed fee for study. The courses are credited back to the home university and the student does not receive a qualification from the host university.

Student Exchange

Student exchange involves two students, one from each university exchanging "places" for a semester or a year. The students do not pay fees to their host university.

Prospective partners are invited to contact the University.

We are available to host international delegations. Please get in contact and complete our international visitor request form.

International visitor request form