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Studentsafe Insurance is automatically added and charged to your Enrolment Agreement. If you prefer you can choose to purchase an alternative approved policy and provide a copy of the cover to the University at least two weeks before the start of your course of study.

Information about Studentsafe policies

SSU Inbound Rates for 2019

  • Group Student premium rate $50.00
  • Short-term Student premium rate (varies)
  • Single Student part-year premium rate $310.00
  • Single Student annual premium rate $620.00
  • Family annual premium rate for couples (student plus partner/spouse) $1240.00
  • Family annual premium rate (student plus 2 or more family members) $1550.00

Group students (courses with a duration of 4 weeks or less)

For students on a Visitor Visa attending courses with a maximum duration of 4 weeks, you will be charged $50 for insurance cover.

Short-term students

For students who are completing a short course of less than one complete semester (e.g. English Language through University of Waikato College) will be charged $51.65 per month from the course start date until the course end date. A minimum of 2 months insurance cover will be charged to programmes less than 8 weeks in duration.

Part-year and Annual students

Part-year students are students that study in a single semester (A OR B OR T OR S Semester) Part-year students include Study Abroad and Exchange students. The maximum of $310.00 will be charged.

Annual students are students that study 2 full semesters (A and B Semester OR A, B and T Semesters) Annual students include Bachelor Degrees, Graduate and Postgraduate Diploma and Masters students. The minimum of $620.00 will be charged.

Degree students (more than 1 year)

For students studying courses for more than one year in duration (including Bachelor degrees, Masters, MBM and PhD students) you will be charged the annual students premium from the course start date. In your final year, the cover will extended to cover your final study period whether it’s at a Short-term, Part-year or Annual premium rate.

This cover will then either end when you arrive in your home country OR 150 days from the course end date OR the expiry date of your Student Visa, whichever one occurs first.

For students travelling to New Zealand

Cover begins 31 days before the commencement date of your course.

For students already residing in New Zealand

The period of insurance starts 16 days before you start your course of study or on the day your existing compliant insurance expires.

The 31 day travel allowance applies to transit stops but does not include extended holidays or diversions to other countries en-route to and from New Zealand other than Australia, Bali, Lombok and the Islands of the South Pacific.

Family Cover

Family members under 60 years of age and without a pre-existing health can also be covered. See the Studentsafe NZ website for more details.

Please email your completed application to Insurance Team.

Cover starts when the application form is completed and the fee is paid. The same benefits the student has are given to the family members.

Renewal and changes to the Family Cover

Please note that it is the student's responsibility to advise us of any changes/additions to the policy and to renew the family insurance before the expiry date.

To find out more, contact the Insurance Administrator [email protected]


The University of Waikato recommends students read the insurance policy wording carefully taking particular note of exclusions. It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with the level of cover and the refund conditions offered by the insurance policy they have purchased.

Refer to InsurancesafeNZ for more details.

The University of Waikato takes no responsibility for misunderstandings over insurance content and conditions or for medical and travel costs not covered by insurance or for the activities of the insurance companies involved.

The University reserves the right to alter the minimum requirements for insurance cover at any time.

The University and the insurer also reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions of the insurance to allow for:

  • The effects of medical inflation
  • The effects of the increasing value of replacement property
  • The level of adverse claims in any plan year

Contact details of Studentsafe

24/7 Claims Emergency Assistance
Worldwide - reverse charge call through operator +64 9 488 1638

Claims, Sales and General Enquiries
Within New Zealand 
Phone: +64 9 488 1638 
Toll Free: 0800 486 004
Fax: 0800 800 167

Customer service: [email protected]
Claims: [email protected]

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