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This page outlines fees and other costs associated with Study Abroad and Exchange. Start planning for your journey to New Zealand today.

Tuition fees and other costs

Study Abroad & Gap Year students: Fees for 2023

Trimester $13,125 NZD 60 Waikato points: 12-16 US credits/30 ECTS credits
Academic year (2 trimesters) $26,250 NZD 120 Waikato points: 24-32 US credits/60 ECTS credits

Study abroad students pay a flat fee that includes student fees, airport pick-up, official transcript, and tuition for papers to a maximum of 60 credit points. The study abroad fee does not include accommodation, field trips, textbooks, or other costs.

60 Waikato points usually equates to 4 papers (courses). Study Abroad and Exchange students are required to take a minimum of 45 points, with a maximum of 60 points, per trimester. The study abroad fee is a fixed cost per trimester. All costs are in New Zealand Dollars.

Exchange students

If you're an exchange student, you pay tuition to your home university. No tuition fees will be paid to the University of Waikato. You will still need to pay for your accommodation, field trips, textbooks, and other costs.

Study + Intern: Fees for 2023

Study Abroad students $13,125 $1,400 $14,525
Exchange students n/a $1,400 $1,400


All study abroad and exchange students are required by New Zealand law to purchase student health insurance.

Studentsafe Insurance Alternative Policies


Waikato has many scholarships on offer - check with your university adviser to make sure there are specific scholarships, discounts, or travel funds allocated to your university. Filter by "international students" to quickly discover if there is a scholarship for you.

Accommodation Costs

Properly plan for your study abroad trip by calculating how much funds you will need to save - be sure to include 'exploration' funds to ensure you can explore New Zealand!

Exchange Partners

See if your university is partnered with Waikato as an exchange partner. Being nominated for exchange allows for your tuition to continue to be paid to your home university and impacts which study visa you apply for.

Study Abroad and Exchange Guide

Study Options

Waikato has a range of options, from trimester study abroad and exchange, short programmes, internships, science research projects, and gap year experiences, among others!

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How to Apply

Find out how to apply, entry requirements, tuition fees, scholarships, and more.

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