Undergraduate Science Research Project

Undergraduate Science Group Research Project

Apply your classroom knowledge to hands-on research and learning

This Capstone research project (SCIEN 301) provides students with the opportunity to experience a research environment by participating an interdisciplinary group project on a topic of relevance to the scientific or wider community. It is an excellent option for those considering postgraduate (masters or PhD) study.  Please see the paper outline (syllabus) for more details.

Please note, the Capstone research project (SCIEN 301) is only available over B trimester/Fall. This opportunity is currently not available to A trimester/Spring students.

Programme Highlights

300-level credit: 15 points

Flexibility to choose within a wide range of research topics (see example below)

Hone your ability to conduct independent research and communicate results through a written research report

Work with world-renowned faculty in areas of animal behaviour, chemistry, coastal processes, earth sciences, ecology and biodiversity, environmental sciences, hydrology and more.

Eligibility Criteria

Science major in your third year or higher

You must be self-motivated to research within a group setting as well as independently

Want to know more?

Email [email protected] with your major, and research topic/area of focus.

Science Research Package Programmes: Project + Papers

Below are some curated packages for students wanting to specialise in their specific field of study. Take the relevant Capstone research project (SCIEN 301) and combine it with three of the suggested papers to hone your scientific skills.

Marine Conservation

Project Title: Marine conservation, human use and underwater noise (Tauranga Campus Only)

Overview: Complete an interdisciplinary project of relevance to the community, in the theme of marine conservation and underwater sound.

Major: Marine Science, Ecology & Biodiversity, Environmental Science

Suggested Papers: EARTH241 Oceanography and BIOEB305 Marine Ecology. And one further paper, of which the following are recommended: AQCUL202 Fish Aquaculture or ENVSC201 Environmental Monitoring

Freshwater Ecology

Project Title: Rewilding Rivers (Hamilton Campus Only)

Overview: assess how well restoration strategies are working to reconnect communities to their waterways and restore healthy freshwater habitats that sustain native biodiversity and important ecosystem services

Suggested Papers: BIOEB200 Behavioural Ecology and Conservation and EARTH331 Hydrology. And one further paper, of which the following are recommended: BIOEB202 Principles of Ecology, BIOEB204 Plant Structure and Function, BIOEB301 Advanced Animal Behaviour, BIOMO303 Advanced Microbiology or BIOEB307 Advanced Plant Biology

Molecular science

Project Title: Modern Methods for Molecular Scientists (Hamilton Campus Only)

Overview: Develop a detailed working knowledge of the techniques that are commonly used in modern molecular biology

Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology

Suggested Papers: BIOMO204 Cell and Organ Physiology, Health and Disease and BIOMO301 Advanced Biochemistry. And one further paper, of which the following are recommended: BIOMO303 Advanced Microbiology or BIOMO306 Molecular Biology and Health

Field work on a remote island

Project Title: Rēkohu – Chatham Island (both Tauranga** and Hamilton Campus options)

Overview: Develops skills in preparing for, undertaking, and analysing the results of an extended field investigation to Rēkohu (an island off New Zealand)

Major: Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Ecology & Biodiversity

Suggested Papers: BIOEB202 Principles of Ecology and EARTH221 Soil Science. And one further paper, of which the following are recommended: BIOEB204 Plant Structure and Function, EARTH312 Sedimentary Geology. BIOEB302 Advanced Zoology or BIOEB307 Advanced Plant Biology

**Tauranga-based students will have a different list of recommended additional papers. Please email us if you want to know more.