Te Piringa - Faculty of Law Student Profiles


Tayla Afoa

Law, Philosophy, Political Science
"When I came down for an orientation, the campus caught my eye instantly – the lakes are beautiful, everything is close together, the Uni itself is away from the bustling city, and the campus has its own student vibe."

Tekatau Bio

Tekatau is a barrister and solicitor specialising in family and immigration law. She is also the first woman of Kiribati heritage to be admitted as a barrister and solicitor to the High Court of New Zealand.

Rachel Devine

"My degree instilled an early openness to innovation and keenness for creativity which I believe has shaped my desire to deliver pragmatic, real-world solutions to legal issues, and to invest in the creation of an AI contract management software business."

Courtney Dick

Economics, Law
"By going in-house, I have been able to utilise both my degrees. It’s nice to be part of the business process and strategic management, and I work with multiple teams including finance, creative, procurement and strategic."

Season-Mary Downs

"I always knew I wanted to make a difference to the community so studying towards a law degree was the best way I could see to help. It’s a privilege to be able to use my law degree and the knowledge I’ve gained to help the community."

Ben Gerritsen

"I think it’s a good idea to broaden your perspectives, do a range of subjects, and Waikato gave me the flexibility to do that."

Shelley Greer

"Studying law opened my mind to a completely different language, way of thinking, expressing myself and problem solving. Even if a student did not eventually end up practising law, a law degree would equip them with skills that they can use in many other industries and careers."

Taylor Hamlin

"The support from my lecturers has been great – I feel like Waikato is very collaborative and my tutors are very understanding of my extra-curricular activities and basketball in relation to my studies."

Wayne Hoffer

"Waikato set me up for the practicality of law, there was a great focus on how to fix a problem. That has helped me stand out in my career."

Akeem Iyanda

"I am now a lawyer, thanks to my law study at the University of Waikato. The degree and skills I got from Waikato made me employable."

Cain Kerehoma

"There is a strong whānau ethos within the Law School, with the university, staff and students working collectively to produce some of the finest and most talented leaders of tomorrow."

Claudia King

Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Law
The University of Waikato Law school alumna is co-founder, CEO and the driving force behind legal tech company Automio.

Willow-Jean Prime

Development Studies, Law, Māori and Indigenous Studies
"I'm inspired by the dedicated and committed people who've gone before me. We have to ensure that future generations of Māori are provided for spiritually, culturally, environmentally and economically. I'm not afraid of a challenge."

Carolin Robert

"I love the atmosphere at the campus. Everyone is so nice and supportive. It was really easy to meet new people because of all the cultural and social events the university holds."

Te Maiora Rūrehe

Law, Māori Language/Te Reo Māori
"Lawyers are catalysts for change as they can directly influence justice and how it’s administered. Using these skills, I want to take them back to my people and show them how to participate effectively within the system."

Aidan Sarikaya

"I chose to study at Waikato because I was offered the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship which was a big drawcard. There’s also a strong hockey hub in Hamilton with Midlands being based here, so I knew I would be getting good training sessions as well."

Leilani Tuala-Warren

"My law degree has given me the confidence, skills and knowledge to practice law and now to assist in the formulation and development of legal policy."

Grace Walker

"Never be afraid to use your voice. You are capable and powerful of doing anything you set your mind to."