General Collections

The General Collections comprise the Books collection and Journals collection. This material supports graduate and undergraduate study, and research and teaching in Science & Engineering, Arts & Social Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Maori & Pacific Development and Management. Please ask at the Level 2 Customer Service Counter if you need help locating items in these collections.


The General Collection is located in the Central Library on Level 3 of the Student Centre. It is arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification system.

Books & Journals

Books and journals are found in the General Collection. The journals are housed in the area opposite Library Management Offices on the west side of Level 3. See also Ejournals and Ebooks.

Large Books

Large books are held in a separate sequence at the beginning of the General Books Collection.

New Book and Journal Displays

The New Book and New Journal display is on Level 2 of the Student Centre. Most new items received in the Library are displayed for one week before being shelved in the collections. Books and journals on display can be requested (reserved) through Library Search. You can also browse our lists of New Resources.

Reserved items can be collected from Lending Services after the display has been discharged. See also Borrowing.

VHS Cassettes

VHS cassettes are shelved within the General Books Collection.

Study Areas

Find out more about the Group and Study Spaces in the Library.

If you have any questions about the Library Collections please visit one of our Service Counters or Contact us.