Our Collections A to Z

Archives and Manuscripts

Amongst our small collection of archives we hold:

  • Pei te Hurinui Jones papers
  • The Selwyn Collection of early Māori documents, which are a collection of 210 letters to Bishop Selwyn, dated from 23 February 1842 to August 1872. An author index has been compiled, as well as a chronological listing of the documents.
  • Rosemary Seymour Collection
  • Wattie Whittlestone papers

For a list of items in the collection see Archives and Manuscripts. You can request these at any service counter or fill in Archives and Manuscripts Request Form.

Books & Journals

Books and journals are found in the General Collection. The journals are housed in the area opposite Library Management Offices on the west side of Level 3. See also Ejournals and Ebooks.

CD Collection

The Music CDs are kept in bins on Level 3 of the Student Centre and on the First Floor of the Teaching Resources Library. They need to be issued at the Service Desks. Headphones and portable CD and audio cassette players are available from both Library Services Desks, but are for use in the Library only. See also What can be borrowed?.

DVD Collection

The DVDs are in two sequences: Feature Films are shelved alphabetically by title, and the Non-fiction and documentary works are shelved in LC Classification order. DVDs need to be issued at the Library Service Desk. See also Computing Areas for DVD players.

Digital Collections

Material in the Digital Collections has been digitised by the University of Waikato Library. These are available from our website on the Digital Collections page under Resources.

Large Books

Large books are held in a separate sequence at the beginning of the General Books Collection.

Māori Land Court Minute Books

The Māori Land Court Minute Books are a valuable source of information on Maori land, whakapapa and iwi histories. See Māori Land Court Minute Books.

Map Collection

The Map Collection is situated on Level 4 of the Central Library. Some maps and atlases are in storage and can be requested via the Library Catalogue and a select few are available via our website. See Map Collection for further details.


Microfilm and microfiche are located on Level 4 of the Student Centre. There are two microform reader/printers available near the collection. A new digital state-of-the-art scanner is available which can be used remotely by distance students and researchers once the film or fiche has been loaded. Please Contact Us for more information.

New Book and Journal Displays

The New Book and New Journal display is on Level 2 of the Student Centre. Most new items received in the Library are displayed for one week before being shelved in the collections. Books and journals on display can be requested (reserved) through Library Search. You can also browse our lists of New Resources.

Reserved items can be collected from Lending Services after the display has been discharged. See also Borrowing.

Recreational Reading Collection

This collection of popular novels provides some light relief from study. The selection is refreshed frequently. It is located on Level 3 of the Student Centre.

Rare Books Collection

We have a temperature controlled Rare Books Room which contains all NZ books published up to 1900, second copies of books published 1901-1945, handprinted or handmade New Zealand poetry and some valuable or rare books.

Resources Held in Storage

The Library has a closed-access area where we keep lesser-used material. All the items are listed on the catalogue and can be requested. Retrieval time varies, but is usually within 48 hours. Storage items include older runs of journals or sets, superseded editions of textbooks, duplicate copies of books, and material which is no longer current but may be of historical interest. The storage facility enables the Library to maximise shelf-space in the main areas of the library for new and heavily used items, while retaining older material which may occasionally be needed.

VHS Cassettes

VHS cassettes are shelved within the General Books Collection.

If you have any questions about the Library Collections please visit one of our Service Desks or Contact us.