Four new additions to BWB NZ History Collection!

Bridget Williams Books has added four compelling new titles, covering Tāmati Te Ito Ngāmoke's Kaingārara movement, the enduring history of Rugby League, an exploration of Pacific histories, and a selection of timely New Zealand insights.

Introducing the newest arrivals:

The Forgotten Prophet

Jeffrey Sissons | 9781991033413

Tāmati Te Ito Ngāmoke led the prophetic Kaingārara movement in Taranaki from 1856. Te Ito was revered by tribal leaders as a prophetic tohunga matakite; but others, including many settlers and officials, viewed him as an ‘imposter’, a ‘fanatic’. Despite his influence and leadership, Te Ito’s historical importance remains largely unrecognised today.

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Rugby League in New Zealand

Ryan Bodman | 9781991033413

This is the story of a sport told through its communities. Rugby League in New Zealand: A People’s History unveils the compelling journey of a game flourishing against the odds. Drawing on first-hand interviews and a wide range of illustrations and archival material, Bodman locates rugby league history in working-class suburbs, and among Kiingitanga Māori, Pasifika migrants, and clubs and communities across the country.

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An Indigenous Ocean

Damon Salesa | 9781991033611

Histories of our Pacific world are richly rendered in these essays by Damon Salesa. From the first Indigenous civilisations that flourished in Oceania to the colonial encounters of the nineteenth century, and on to the complex contemporary relationships between New Zealand and the Pacific, Salesa offers new perspectives on this vast ocean – its people, its cultures, its pasts and its future.

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Encounters Across Time

Judith Binney | 9781990046117

'Story telling is an art deep within human nature.'

A timely collection of writings on history, from one of Aotearoa New Zealand's most distinguished scholars. These essays bring forth important questions for New Zealand history about autonomy, restoration and power that continue to reverberate today. They also serve as a pathway into the rigorous and imaginative scholarship that characterised Judith Binney's acclaimed historical writing.

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