"Activate" Library 2014: The design concept

18 February 2014

This year the winning team chose ‘The Vault’ concept for the campaign, interpreting it as “Vaulting” changing the idea from a place to an action. The idea being that the library will support a student’s transition from high school to university life. The target audience is first year students about to embark on a new journey at Waikato University.

The slogan “Activate” was chosen as it showed enough power in one word to communicate the idea of leaping across quickly and effectively. The red colour portrays energy and excitement and the blue represents equality between cultures and also the legend of Hotumauea who leapt over the Waikato River. The green glowing elements represent the library waterfall.

The Pikorua (Maori twist) represents the bond between different cultures and people, inter-connecting and growing together. The shape resembles the many paths of life upon which people journey and the connection between body and soul, physical and spiritual awareness.