After hours access for students to Level 2 Computer Area

16 April 2014

The Level 2 Computer Area will be opened for students to use until midnight each night. There will be no service provided - it is just a study space.

Would you like after-hours access to the Level 2 Computer Area?

  1. Ask at the Level 2 Desk for a form which verifies that you are a currently enrolled student.
  2. Take the form to Security who will programme your ID card to open the door. You will need to pay $15 for access. (There will be no $15 fee from January 2015)
  3. You will then have after-hours access using your ID card. Access is available 5 minutes after the Library closes each day.
  4. Entry is through the wooden door in the foyer of the Student Centre.
  5. The area closes at midnight. The computers will log off automatically and shutdown at midnight.