International Open Access Week 2016

24 October 2016


See what events are taking place in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.

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When: Friday 28th October, 2pm NZDT
Duration: 1 hour
Topic: Everything OA related in the Aus/NZ region

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Students and early career researchers

Head over to the Open Access Academy for support, advice, tutorials and tips on open access publishing. Developed specifically for students and young researchers.

Research Commons

Research Commons, your open access institutional repository has undergone a facelift this year. As well as offering more to the eye, we have made it easier for academic staff to deposit their work with us. You can also keep up with "what's hot" in the University research space by viewing our most popular downloads for the week and discovering who our most popular (and prolific) authors are. Take a moment to check out some of the new functionality at Research Commons now.

Perhaps you could take a quick look at a colleague's work to give them a little stats bump...

So your paper is in IRIS... can we (and the world) have it too?

University of Waikato academic staff have a range of outstanding research outputs in our publication database, IRIS. What many do not know however, is that with a few easy clicks of a mouse button, this research can also be made available to the general public.

All you need to know about depositing your work with Research Commons (through IRIS) can be found at Research Commons: Deposit for Staff.

Don't forget, Research Commons is not just for traditionally published research outputs, like journal articles. Did you know we can host images and videos as well? Consider uploading your performances, presentations and artworks as well.

Understanding DNA adsorption by nanocrystalline allophane spherules and nanoaggregates may not be simple, but sharing this article with the world by depositing it with your institutional repository most certainly is!

University of Waikato Open Access Mandate

Did you know that on the 24th March 2014, the University of Waikato became the first University in New Zealand to adopt an Open Access Mandate? Freedom to exchange ideas and to publish acquired knowledge are fundamental to the purposes of a university.

The mandate guidelines empower academic staff to disseminate their research as widely as possible, bringing research results out from behind the subscription paywall to be accessed by all.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey:

"You get access to the article..., and you get access to the article..., and you get access to the article..., we all get access to the article!" 🙌

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Did you know the Library can mint you your own DOIs? We are currently providing this service for a number of Te Kura Toi Tangata Faculty of Education open access journals. If you are involved in publishing an online journal or have authored other items that would benefit from having a DOI (e.g. online working papers, performances and art work) get in touch with us at

Find out more about DOIs and our DOI service here: Digital Object Identifier (DOI).