Borrowing FAQ

This page attempts to answer all your questions about borrowing items from the Library.

Borrowing Stuff

Borrowable material includes:

  • Books
  • Audio-visual, i.e CDs, DVDs & Videocassettes
  • CD-ROMs
  • Kits, i.e. book and CD kits
  • Maps
  • Pictures, i.e. posters, charts (available in Teaching Resources Library only)
  • Theses (Postgrads & Staff only)
  • Print Journals
  • Items in Off Campus Storage - retrieval of items in Off Campus Storage (book or journal) can take up to two working days, although most items will be available the next business day. If it is needed sooner it is possible to arrange a special courier delivery, however, this will incur a charge.

Some high-use items and other material may only be used while in the Student Centre. These items include:

  • Reference Only items
  • High Demand material
  • Some Print Journals
  • Theses (Postgrads & Staff can take these out)

Equipment for loan

Laptops; Scientific Calculators; Headphones; Cassette players/recorders; CD players (Walkman type); Whiteboard pens and eraser; Prayer mats (2 available); Magnifying glass

Assisted borrowing ceases 15 minutes before closing. Self Issue machines can be used until 5 minutes before closing. For more information, contact Lending Services.

The length of time you can borrow an item for will depend on your Library Membership. See the following tables for borrowing times for all Library material, or Contact Us for assistance.

Loan periods for Undergraduates
Books, Audiocassettes, CDROMs, Kits, Pictures, Maps, Education Library CDs & videocassettes 30 Days
Central Library Videocassettes, Central Library CDs 14 Days *
Central Library DVDs 7 Days *
Print Journals 2 weeks (except Law journals)
Short-Term Loans 7 Days
High Demand Items 2 hours
Central Library Theses and Dissertations 2 weeks
* These items are "Library Use Only" for Associate Members.
Loan periods for Postgraduates & Uni Staff
Books, Audiocassettes, CDROMs, Kits, Pictures, Maps, Education Library CDs & videocassettes 60 Days
Central Library Videocassettes, Central Library CDs 14 Days
Central Library DVDs 7 Days
Print Journals 2 Weeks
Short-Term Loans 7 Days
High Demand Items 2 hours
Central Library Theses and Dissertations 2 weeks

Students and staff can have a maximum of 100 items out at any one time.

There are specific limits on particular types of resources as follows:

Journals: 25 items
Videocassette tapes: 6 tapes
DVDs: 6 DVDs
Course Reserve Items: 1 book OR 2 folders
Books: 100 items

Associate (including Alumni) members can have a maximum of ten items out at any one time.

Your student ID card is also your library card. Your library card allows you to borrow from both the Central Library and Teaching Resources Library regardless of which faculty you are in. Issuing of books starts when the Library opens and ceases 15 minutes before closing time. See Hours and Locations.

Most items may be borrowed by using the Self-issue machines. See .

NOTE: You can only borrow items with your own ID card. During the loan period, the borrowed items should not be loaned to anyone else other than the borrower.

If you are unable to present your ID card, items will not be issued to you. Please remember that reciting your ID number is not an acceptable alternative to presenting your ID card.

If you lose your ID card report it to Lending Services staff immediately.

Books can be returned to the After Hours slot at the end of the Student Centre Foyer, near the Lift. Teaching Resources Library books can also be returned to the Central Library and vice versa.

Note: Only those with swipe card access to the 24 hour Education computer labs can return books there after hours. Books can be returned through the slot in the foyer, just outside the Teaching Resources Library entrance.

New books are displayed on the New Book Display for one week, with the display changing each Wednesday.

If you have any queries about Borrowing from the Library please ask at the Library Service Desk or email Lending Services.

New print journals are displayed on the Serials Display for one week, with the display changing each Wednesday.

For more about new resources, you might want to have a look at New Resources & Lists

There are several self-issue machines in the Student Centre and one in the Teaching Resources Collection Library. These machines allow users to issue and renew their own books. Unfortunately, these machines are not set up to issue audiovisual material or very large books. Please take such items to the Enquiries Desk to be issued or renewed.

Remember that items can be renewed online (before they are due) - see My Account.

The High Demand Collection comprises items which are expected to be in heavy demand while students work on specific assignments. Items are placed in this collection for a limited period of time and may be borrowed for a short period of time (usually two hours). This collection is located just inside the door on Level 2 of the Student Centre.

Students: See the guide on Using the High Demand Collection, or find what's in this collection by searching Library Search.

Staff: You can easily put items in the High Demand Collection by filling in the High Demand Request Form. See also Putting items in the High Demand Collection for more information.

Yes. You can have the items sent directly to your home or you can arrange to pick them up from the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Library. See the following list for help accessing resources from both Bay of Plenty and Hamilton campuses.

High Demand (Course Reserve) Collection

The High Demand Collection contains Library items that are expected to be in high demand for a short period of time.

Ask at the Level 2 Library Desk.

Search by the title of the book or your paper code in Library Search. Note the call number and ask a Library Staff member to retrieve the book for you.

Search by the title of the book or your paper code in Library Search. Note the call number and ask a Library Staff member to retrieve the book for you.

You can issue the book yourself by using the self-issue machine. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions on the machine.

High Demand Collections items are issued for 2 hours. Note: fines accrue immediately the item is overdue.

You can borrow one book or two folders at a time.

Renewals, Recalls and Holds

All borrowable material is subject to recall if needed by someone else. This means the original due date of the borrowed item, is no longer valid.

You will receive a recall notice via email or post with the new due date for the recalled item.

You must return the item by the new due date to avoid receiving a fine.

Recalls are often books that are in high demand for assessed course-work. The Recall system is a way of making this material available to as many students as possible. Make notes, photocopy if necessary and return the book. You may, if you wish, recall the book yourself again.

You can place recalls for items that are currently On Loan. Recalls can be made only from an item's bibliographic/holdings display. In addition, you must login before you can place a recall.

Search Library Search for the item that you want to request and view the Full Record of the item (select title from results list). Click the Request this item button on the right of the screen and login if needed. Click Recall and select appropriate option from the Pick Up At drop-down menu. If you are off-campus, select Distance. Once you have placed a recall on an item, you can check its status by accessing My Account.

Registered Distance students will have items mailed to them automatically: please remember to choose Distance as your pick up location when making your request.

An email will be sent to requesters when the item is available for pick-up. You can also check "My Account" through the Library Catalogue.

Recalled items are held on the shelf near the issue desk under your last name.

The item will be available for three days before being returned to the shelves, or given to the next borrower.

If there are other people waiting for material you have recalled, it will be issued to you for 3 days only. Also some high demand material is placed on 7 day loan to enable maximum use.

If you have a non-urgent request for an item that is already on loan, you may put a reserve or hold on it. You will go to the end of the waiting list for the item, but it will be issued for the full loan period rather than on short-term loan.

These requests can be made through the Library Catalogue. To do this follow the steps you would take to recall an item, but select to hold instead of recall.

Use recall for material required for assignments.

Most books can be renewed four times (once for videos and journals) as long as no other borrower wants them.

There are three ways to renew an item:

  • Go to "My Account" in the Library Catalogue
  • Use the self issue machines in the Library
  • Bring the items to the Customer Service Desk on Level 2

If you have renewed your item fours times already, you will no longer be able to renew online. You can however come to one of the Customer Services desks to renew the item if you still need it.

It is also possible that the item has been recalled, in which case you will need to return it within 7 days from when the recall was placed.

Fines, Fees and Payments

Yes, in most cases. If the item you have borrowed is overdue, you will receive a fine according to the terms of the loan. See Library Fines, Fees and Charges.

Borrowing facilities will be withheld from students and approved Borrowers whose fines at any time exceed $10.00, and from other Library borrowers whose fines exceed $50.00.

If the item you have borrowed is either lost or damaged whilst issued under your name, you will receive an invoice totalling the cost of replacing or repairing the item.

Invoices for these items will be sent to the home address for students and approved borrowers. If you are a staff member, the invoice will be sent to your department.

You should pay your fines as soon as possible. This can be done by cash or eftpos at the Level 2 General Enquiries Desk.

See also Library Fines, Fees and Charges.

If your fines are under $10.00 you will be able to continue borrowing Library material. If your fines are over $10.00, you will not be able to continue borrowing until you get the amount owing under $10.00. You should talk to Lending Services.

Notices from the Library

Library notices are sent for the following reasons:
Courtesy notice – sent 7 days before books which were issued for more than 14 days are due to be returned or renewed.
Overdue notice – sent on the day following the due date of any items which have not been returned. A second overdue notice is sent 45 days later. (At this time you may be invoiced for the overdue item)
Recall notice – sent when an item is required by another borrower. It is important to note the new due date on the notice as fines of $3.00 per day are charged if the item is not returned on or before that date.
Recall overdue notice – sent the day after a recalled item was due. Overdue fines for that day and any subsequent days that the item remains overdue, will be charged.
Fines and fees notice – sent the day after an overdue book is returned if the fines incurred on the item or the total owing in overdue fines on your Library record is more than $3.00
Item Available notice – sent to inform you that items you have reserved or recalled are available to be picked up. Note these items are generally held for only 3 days before they are sent back to the shelf or, where there are other requests, are passed to the next person in the queue.

We suggest you register to receive your library notice via email or take advantage of our Library Txt Messaging Service. For more information, contact Lending Services.

Most library notices are sent by email. For students this will be generally be your student email address. Please ensure you check your email account every couple of days if you borrow material from the Library so that recalled or overdue material is returned promptly to avoid fines.

Where paper notices are sent, they will be sent to the current address on your library record. It is each borrower's responsibility to notify Lending Services staff immediately of any change of address during the duration of your enrolment.

Failure to do this will not be taken as an excuse for not receiving Library correspondence.