Group & Study Spaces

There are some great spaces in the Student Centre where you can study, chat or just settle down and read. There are couches and other seating arrangements dotted all over the building, power points for your portable devices plus the balcony if you need some fresh air.

Group Rooms

There are several group rooms available where groups can have discussions and work without disturbing other Library users.

Computing Areas

The east wing of the Student Centre provide computers, printing and laptop connectivity. Computing Areas are also available on each floor of the Teaching Resources Library.

Disability Access

Library Staff can assist you to make full use of the Library. For borrowing, copying and collecting books from the shelves. Learn more about disability access.

General Study Spaces

There are areas around the building, including group study booths, quiet areas for individual study, and study areas accommodating a more relaxed atmosphere.


There are some great areas in the Student Centre where groups can meet and study together. Six booths in total are available for group use - three on Level 3 and three on Level 4 - and are suitable for 2 to 4 people. They have power so you can plug in your laptops.

Study groups have preference over individual students for use of the booths.

Quiet Areas

Level 3, by the Journals Collection, has been set aside for individual study. Here you'll find partitioned desks along the wall and beside the windows. These are marked by blue "Quiet Area" banners.

Study Areas

Study areas can be found dotted all over Level 4, just look for the pink sign that says "Study Area". Quiet discussion and group work is permitted in these areas, but please avoid being excessively loud or using your cell phone, and be generally mindful of your fellow students and their need for quiet.

You might want to check out the Group Study Booths on Level 3, or Book a Group Room.

Saving/Holding Seats

If your bag is left unattended for 10 minutes, Library staff will remove it and safely stow it behind the Level 2 Service Counter where you can easily retrieve it on your return. This not only helps to prevent theft, but also discourages the use of a bag to save a seat for an extended period of time. At certain times of the year there is a high demand on seating and everyone deserves a seat. (This only applies to areas that can't be booked in advance).

And please remember, NEVER leave your laptop, iPad or other such gadgets unattended for any period of time.

Teaching Resources Library

The Teaching Resources Library is currently undergoing a rearrangement. We'll update this page accordingly when we have the new information. In the meantime you might be interested in reading about the Teaching Resources Library Collections.