Putting Items in the High Demand Collection

This section provides information for Academic staff about the High Demand Collection and instructions for placing items in this collection. Note there is also a guide called Using the High Demand Collection available for Students.

High Demand Forms

High Demand Form

How do I place items in the High Demand Collection?

Requests can be made in three ways:

  1. By using the High Demand Form
  2. Email the Collections Team at with your request
  3. In your Waikato Reading List: mark the items you want to go in the High Demand Collection as "High Demand" in the Notes to Library. Publish your list.

How much notice do I need to give?

Please provide two weeks notice before items are needed for your class. Items held by the Library may be on loan and need to be recalled. Library staff will make every endeavour to place items in the High Demand Collection quickly - at busy times there may be delays.

Can I order items to put in the High Demand Collection?

If there is no record on the catalogue for an item, please email the Library Collections Team or contact your Academic Liaison Librarian to arrange for it to be ordered. When you order an item you can request it be placed in the High Demand Collection. Please include the Course Code and class size in such cases. The Library does however reserve the right to determine whether the item will be placed in the High Demand Collection.

Can I put access to E-resources on my High Demand courses list?

No. Please use Waikato Reading Lists for this.

Where can I get help regarding this topic?

For any further information please contact Collections staff.

Hamilton Campus

University of Waikato at Tauranga (Bongard and Windermere Libraries)

  • Jane Mordecai - Faculty Librarian, phone: (07) 544 0920 x 7092, or extension 377092 from the University of Waikato campus. Alternatively you can email