Requesting New Items for the Library

Academic Staff are able to request the acquisition of new items and journal subscriptions. Please make the request through your Academic Liaison Librarian. Recommendations by students or general staff can be made through the Comments & Suggestions Form.

Checking Order Progress

Any queries about an order at any stage of the ordering process can be directed to your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Notification on Arrival

If a staff member wishes to be notified when an item arrives, please let your Academic Liaison Librarian know and they will note this on the order. A notice will be sent out at the time the book goes on display.

If a title has been received and you require it urgently, please request the title at the Service Desk or email Lending Services. They will arrange priority processing and have it in the library within 24 hours (in most cases).

New books are displayed on the New Book Display for one week, with the display changing each Wednesday. See also Resource Lists and Indexes for updated lists of the most recently received items.

Requesting a New Journal or Database

Please submit all applications for new journals and databases via your Academic Liaison Librarian.

New issues of print journals are displayed on the New Journals Display. This is changed each Wednesday.