Media Advisory July 18


The University of Waikato hosts a series of engaging debates and lectures focusing on all things sport next month. The university’s annual Winter Lecture Series is held throughout August and will cover some serious and not-so-serious aspects of sports, including debates on rugby, racing and beer and the value of the V8s event to Hamilton. The five-week public lecture series kicks-off on August 3 with a panel discussion on high achievement in sport and among the panelists is Waikato alumnus and Antarctic adventurer Jamie Fitzgerald. Other speakers in the following four weeks include Waikato Management School’s Professor Mike Pratt and Dr Holly Thorpe from the Faculty of Education. Also speaking is former world champion squash player Dame Susan Devoy, CEO of Chiefs Rugby Gary Dawson and former V8 event organiser Steve Vuletta. The University of Waikato Winter Lecture Series runs every Wednesday evenings in August from 6pm to 7pm at the university’s Academy of Performing Arts. All sessions are free and open to the public with parking available in Gate 2B off Knighton Road, Hamilton.


Waikato University law students Ben Gilbert and Andrew Cameron negotiated their way into the prizes at an international student competition in Denmark. The pair, representing New Zealand after winning the national negotiation event, were one of 20 teams competing at the International Negotiation Competition in Copenhagen. They returned home with the Joint Maximising Plus Award, given to the two teams who successfully negotiated the best result for both parties. In the competition, each team is given a party or client and must represent them in an international transaction or in the resolution of an international dispute. They then negotiate with a team from another country with judges assessing their performance. New Zealand faced The Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Japan. Andrew Cameron, a mature student completing his honours year, says the complexity of the problems, cultural differences and different negotiating styles made the competition more challenging than they’d experienced in New Zealand and Australia. Their trip to Denmark was supported by the Law Foundation and the University of Waikato.


Men’s learning and wellbeing is the focus of a University of Waikato free public seminar next week. Guest speaker Professor Barry Golding from the University of Ballarat in Australia will discuss what men learn and the benefits that arise for them, their families and communities. Professor Golding research interests have been in evaluating learning in smaller and remoter Australian suburbs, particularly for older men not in the workforce. He has built an international reputation for his enquiries into learning in men’s sheds and has received funding from Australian Commonwealth sources and other funding avenues. This seminar takes place 3pm-5pm on Tuesday July 26 and is held at the University of Waikato Hamilton campus, room S.1.05. Professor Golding will also be presenting another seminar, titled Exploring the connections: What have men’s sheds got to do with adult and community education? This seminar is held on Wednesday July 27 from 4pm-6pm at the university’s Lady Goodfellow Chapel, Gate 1. Cost is $5.


University of Waikato Faculty of Education senior lecturer Dr Kirsten Petrie was jointly awarded the TEFANZ Emerging Teacher Educator Award at the biennual Teacher Education Forum of Aotearoa New Zealand recently. This national achievement recognises the work of an emerging teacher educator. Dr Petrie has been with the Faculty of Education since 2003 and is interested is in teacher education with a particular focus on physical education curriculum and pedagogy. Last year she completed her Doctor of Education, titled Teaching Physical Education: Primary School Teachers as Learners. This research explored the impacts of professional development on primary school teachers’ understandings and practices in teaching PE. Currently she is the project director of an NZCER - Teaching Learning Research Initiative titled Every-body counts: Understanding health and physical education in the primary school.


Settler art in Aotearoa New Zealand will be explored in the next Demystifying the Arts session, held this week. In this session, writer and curator Richard Wolfe will discuss art from 19th century New Zealand and introduce paintings by new settlers; among them soldiers, surveyors, preachers and even politicians. Settler Art in Aotearoa takes place on Thursday July 21 at 7pm and is held at the University of Waikato Academy of Performing Arts, with a bar facility open from 5pm. Demystifying the Arts is a series of forums that explores various aspects of the arts. The sessions, held on the third Thursday of every month, are open to everyone who has an interest in art and would like to learn more from celebrated New Zealand artists, historians, writers and filmmakers. For more information visit


A lecturer who researches communication amongst preschoolers won the people’s choice award and the award for most significant contribution from the New Zealand and Australia Communication Association Conference held at Waikato University during the semester break. Dr Amanda Bateman works in the Faculty of Education at Waikato and specialises in early childhood learning. She studies the verbal and non-verbal communication between young children and how important it is in their social order - research she says is important for teachers in the sector because it looks at children’s exclusion and affiliation awareness, how and why conflicts arise and how children deal with their relationships.


Igniting the curriculum through dance is the theme of an upcoming national conference for teachers. This July 18-21 event will be held at the University of Waikato Academy of Performing Arts and is an opportunity for school and tertiary teachers to share best practice. National and internationally renowned dance professionals will deliver presentations, workshops and share their experience and knowledge. This event, organised by the Teachers' Refresher Course Committee and sponsored by Dance Aotearoa New Zealand, has attracted dance educationalists from across the country. Washington-based Lynne McNett, the co-author of Creative Dance for Learning, will deliver the opening keynote address and workshops on group dance improvisation. Dance educationalist Jan Bolwell will discuss linking dance to the curriculum. Dance industry professionals from Touch Compass, Atamira, Fuzion Dance and Dancing with the Stars will provide their expertise of dance genres and choreographic processes. Teachers will also be given the opportunity to attend workshops in Capoeira, Cook Island and Musical theatre. Conference Director Sue Cheesman says this is an exciting professional development for the "movers and shakers" of teaching dance within the New Zealand curriculum. For more information visit


What are the challenges and opportunities facing marine, or 'blue', biotechnology? The University of Waikato Faculty of Science and Engineering is hosting Marcel Jaspars, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen, who will give a public lecture in Tauranga this week. Marine organisms have developed complex biochemical machinery to protect themselves and cope with changing environments and scientists are using these findings to generate innovative biomedicinal and agrichemical leads. Diverse marine environments, such as the Bay of Plenty, offer considerable research opportunities, and Professor Jaspars will explore the issues surrounding marine biotechnology based on his research of natural products, particularly those from marine organisms. He will shed light on how New Zealand can realise its potential to make a global contribution. Author of more than 100 research papers and reviews, and consultant for several UK marine biotechnology companies, Professor Jaspars recently established the Marine Biodiscovery Centre, the first interdisciplinary centre of its kind in the UK. The lecture will be held on Wednesday July 20, from 6.30pm-7.30pm at the Bongard Centre, lecture theatre 106, 200 Cameron Road, Tauranga.

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