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Altitude Training

Altitude Training.JPGSo far so good, I have had no repercussions of my hamstring injury since starting training again.

This week has been interesting at Altitude Training. I have been gradually working my way up in altitude at each session.

Every time the altitude setting is increased during training the harder I have to work to maintain the same speed as there is less oxygen intake, therefore less oxygen is feeding my muscles. During each session my oxygen saturation level is measured and this is monitored and recorded as a percentage reading. A normal reading at sea level with a resting heart rate is always high 90s, for example. During training it is safe to sit at 80+%, any lower and you will become light headed and dizzy.

The interesting thing I found was that was my blood oxygen saturation level was lower when I walked as opposed to running. The other thing that seemed abnormal to my Altitude trainer was even though at I reached the low 70s, I was still able to function normally and did not have any symptoms of altitude sickness. We decided to continue pushing higher till we reached the same height as Everest Base Camp 5400m.

It's going to be interesting to see how I react to the altitude after 6 months of training on an altitude machine and living at sea level. 

Three weeks and closing, the countdown is on. Here's a wee snippet of my training...



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