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Landing in Kathmandu

Kathmandu2 Kathmandu2Flying into Kathmandu was amazing - the city stretches for miles through a valley beneath some impressive mountains. As we descended the smoggy haze became more apparent.

As I stepped off the plane the dust and pollution instantly made it hard to breathe. I quickly made my way into the airport and headed through customs. I paid my 40USD for a visa and went in search of my baggage.

I was expecting no sign of my baggage, but again I had no problems with my baggage and customs hadn't taken my running nutrition for the ultra marathon which was good.

Next step was getting to the hotel. I walked out into the sweltering heat still in trousers from the flight. Taxi drivers from all directions were hassling me but I continued through acting like I knew what I was doing. I was expecting a hotel van to be there but somehow I managed to spot a man holding a small piece of paper with my name on it. I waved and he came over and helped with my baggage. What I was in for next I was certainly not expecting.

The ride to the hotel was crazy. The amount of vehicles on the road and the endless horns tooting at each other was intense - I have never experienced anything like it. There's organised chaos but this was just CHAOS.

I made it to the hotel, checked in. The thought of going out to explore was frightening. Hopefully after a few days I will get used to this.


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