Inquire, Inspire 2017

8 November 2017

Inquire, Inspire 2017 – a Tauranga research symposium was held at the Windermere Campus on Friday 3 November and the diverse range of speakers and topics held the packed lecture theatre enthralled.

Keynote speaker, University of Waikato Associate Professor, Mere Berryman opened the symposium with a presentation that went to the heart of research methodologies, which produce outcomes co-created and of benefit to all parties.

Other highlights of the symposium included PhD student Emma-Leigh Hodge describing the core findings from her teenage focus groups on the benefits and challenges of living with social media. Meanwhile, Kat Lemon’s report on her work with Alternative Education students was both sobering and thought-provoking as she shared their description of themselves as ‘second class citizens’ and how they arrived at that perception.

Other presentations were just as fascinating: how toddlers in a pre-school setting orient themselves, compelling evidence of the place of visual imagery in supporting the teaching of literacy and numeracy, the importance of upholding and valuing indigenous ways of being and knowing in our teaching of international students, and an update on research into the relationship between pīngao (dune grass) and toheroa (surf clam).