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Erebus team progress - Craigs triumphant return

 I just made it back to Scott base (well, I have showered and started a wash of my stinkies) and the others are going to stay up there until Monday. Weather was fantastic and we got heaps done over the last few days. We did have some ski-doo issues which delayed progress.

The mountain changed a lot over the last year and several of our iButtons died! I am not sure what happened exactly, but there are indications that a lot changed over the last year. For instance, some of our marker poles were entombed in ice, and at least one cave that I installed an iButton in last year appeared to be filled in with ice crystals and solid ice. Weird!

I left the FlipCam with Ian and hopefully he will get some good movies. I documented a lot of the trip, missed a few pieces here and there but did get some lively discussions. Unfortunately, we were often separated from the photo crew so I don't have any video of them taking our pictures.
Nearly lunchtime! Food! I am clean too! This is a great day!
Craig H
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