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Lost in translation 2: Craig has samples!

Hey guys!

I have samples from the third sample area, West stonethrow ridge (subsite E). It was fun! First of all, it is a good hour and a half hike, past the Argentinian base and then mostly uphill (~300 m climb). A storm blew in just as I started sampling. The other guys were looking for another part of the site and we couldn't see each other for a while. There was sleet blowing almost horizontal, it hurt like hell on the face. Every time I went to scoop some soil, the wind blew it away. I eventually collected the sample, but had to abort before I could get a photo of the second sample site in the area. It was cold, it was stressful, I got the sample and the measurements so I guess one missed photo will be OK. And this on a bright sunny day!

I have discussed the prospect of getting some beach fumarole samples with the base commander and all is a "go". This is good, because the last site will be quite difficult to get to. It is on the other side of Port Foster and right now I can't see anything because the fog has come back in. I was told by one researcher here who focuses on the geophysics of the thermal soils that I shouldn't plan on going there because it is way too dangerous and that a few years back (must have been several years) someone that was here with Jaques Cousteau apparently died near where I want to go. But the only thing I can find on the interweb is mention of someone being hit by a helicopter propeller here with him in the 1970's. Regardless, the AFT-equivalent doesn't think it will be a problem. He told me that he can get me anywhere on the island I want to go and our only obstacle is weather. I like him.  

Stephen, I will send a few photos here in a bit. I am going to browse the local server here for some more photos. These guys take pictures of everything. There is no telling what there are pictures of. I am contributing. Last night, being Sabado and all was a fiesta until about 3 in the morning. It was a bit ridiculous and I have some pictures and even a movie to prove it. I think Scott Base and Gabriel de Castilla are a little bit separated-at-birth like. I actually felt like I was on another planet for a while. I have never seen so many guys get up and dance to "I will Survive" but be bored with Guns and Roses. It reminded me a little bit of a skirt party...a little bit...without the skirts of course. 
¡Adios muchachos!
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