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Sampling the Bratina Island Ponds 4 - back to Scott base

Hi All, well this is the 3rd time that I have tried to write an entry since I got back on thursday evening, although we have internet down here it is slow dialup with constant crashes and freezing! how did we ever survive! But anyway the trip was a great success with 384 samples collected from 40 ponds as well as a number of other soil, sediment and bulk water samples collected. The weather was great (for Antarctica) with snow only on our pull out day. Below is a picture of Bratina Island and in case you forgot here is the link to the webpage.

Thumbnail image for IMG_3405.JPG

In my next entry/entries I will go over other aspects of the trip but in this one I will focus on what we have done since we got back. First of all after you get off the helicopter you try to put all of your equipment into your allocated cage. From there you begin to process it, returning the Antarctica New Zealand issued equipment (once it has been cleaned and dried where neccesary) but before all that you have a shower! 
After everything is away you need to ensure that your science eqipment is packed, labelled and ready to be shipped back to NZ, you write a detailed sample list to be sent with your samples along with any neccesary permits and authorising letters, then you need to fill in the return documents which reports on how the science went, what you did and how Antarctica New Zealand can improve its service.
I have to say other than the internet staying in Scott base is amazing! The food is restaurant quality, the people are so friendly and intresting and of course the views aren't too bad. Thats it for this entry the next one of too will be going over the field expedition but if there is anything you want to know, just post a comment.

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