Cambridge take victory in Gallagher Great Race

6 September 2010

Main Great Race

Battle of the best: Waikato University and Cambridge University crews on the Waikato River during the annual Gallagher Great Race.

Cambridge University has conquered the University of Waikato in the annual Gallagher Great Race.

On a gruelling 4.2 kilometre current in the Waikato River, the race lived up to its expectation of being one of the feistiest rowing battles in the Waikato region.

The University of Waikato got off to a great start, and sprinted ahead of their competitors. Following this, the two teams literally crashed into each other for the best spot on the river. Cambridge then took the lead in the race, and never gave it up.

A win from Cambridge University, allows them to take the lead, 2-3 in this epic rowing challenge. Cambridge is the only university to have ever beaten the University of Waikato in the Gallagher Great Race.

The Gallagher Great Race has become a favourite on the Waikato calendar, and thousands of people again lined the city’s riverbanks to watch the corporate, schools and main race on Father’s Day.

Just an hour earlier, the Waikato University women’s eight were too strong for their Australian rivals from Sydney University.

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