New paper gives students what they want

12 July 2010

M Orgad

Practical management: Course convenor Dr Michele Schoenberger-Orgad.

Waikato University students will be getting what they want from a new and hands-on paper.

Beginning in B Semester on July 12, the Department of Management Communication at Waikato Management School is offering a new paper that draws together the best practice in event management from a practical business and operational perspective.

“Many students have said that event management is an area they would really like to get involved in and this paper is being offered based on this demand,” says course convenor Dr Michele Schoenberger-Orgad. “It’s already proving to be popular too. So far 125 students are enrolled.”

The practical-based paper is intended to challenge students to think outside the square and equip them with the skills necessary to plan and carry out an effective event. “Graduates often go into jobs and have to learn on the hop how to do things so this is a good way to give students an overall understanding of events,” says Dr Schoenberger-Orgad.

As part of the paper students will learn how to pitch an event idea, create funding proposals, budget, and understand a lot about event planning and the legal compliances involved.

To launch the new events paper, students will work for the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society, helping their appeal for $4.25 million to build a new accommodation facility in Hamilton for people receiving treatment for cancer. The facility will house 600 people every year and provide free meals and accommodation, and will also be the hub for the Cancer Society’s support services.

Waikato University students will work in groups of up to six to research, plan, and implement a fundraising event based on the theories and concepts they will learn during the paper, Dr Schoenberger-Orgad says.

Julia Wilson from the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society says working with the university is a great way to raise awareness and get more people, especially students, involved in the charity sector. “It’s a great opportunity for students to let their creative juices flow while helping out in a worthwhile project,” she says.

Money raised by Waikato University students will go directly to support the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society in their appeal. Dr Schoenberger-Orgad says students won’t be graded on the amount of money they raise, but on how they apply what they’ve learned to their event.

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