Waikato University students in race for survival

14 October 2010

civil defense

Survival Guide: Waikato University students Mel Ross (left) and Craig Burns compete to see who can assemble a survival kit the fastest. Ross is completing a Bachelor in Early Childhood teaching, while Burns is completing a Bachelor of Science.

Waikato University students were given the challenge to compile a survival kit blindfolded recently.

The activity was put together by Waikato University student Libby Baron on behalf of Environment Waikato. Baron, who is in her third year of a Bachelor of Management Studies, says the purpose of the activity was to make students aware of the dangers a disaster would create.

“A survey done by Environment Waikato showed that students who are flatting are the least aware when it comes to disasters, and are the least prepared when a disaster strikes.” Baron is undertaking an internship with Environment Waikato while she completes her degree.

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