Waikato University supports a Spark

13 July 2010

The University of Waikato is again supporting the Spark International Festival of Media and Design, taking place August 9-13.

Spark, an annual event co-ordinated by Wintec’s School of Media Arts, aims to encourage the exchange of ideas between students and media experts. This year will see a series of presentations and workshops given by practitioners from a variety of media and artistic fields.

Guest speakers brought in by Waikato University include Rastko Ciric, a professor of illustration from the University of Arts in Belgrade, and Thomas Robins and David Stubbs from Wellington production house KHF Media.

Prof Ciric will present The Rubber Soul Project, a multimedia project dedicated to the Beatles. His presentation takes place on Thursday August 12 at 9am at Wintec.

Mr Robins and Mr Stubbs will discuss their award-winning flagship drama Reservoir Hill, a unique online drama where episodes were written, produced and released each week based on advice received from viewers via text messages and web submissions. Their presentation takes place on Thursday August 12 at 1pm.

The Spark International Festival of Media and Design is free, open to the public. Workshops and seminars are held at Wintec’s Hamilton city campus. For more information visit

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