Tauranga businessman receives University of Waikato award

8 August 2011

Paul Bowker

Distinguished Alumni: Tauranga business man Paul Bowker will receive a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Waikato on the 19th August.

Tauranga businessman Paul Bowker will receive a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Waikato this month.

Local Fame in Tauranga

Mr Bowker has lived in Tauranga since 1996 and shot to local fame when he proposed the redevelopment of the old Tauranga Club in Devonport Road in the heart of the city.

His plan to develop the building into a 16-level apartment and hotel complex proved to be a challenge in its planning and construction, but it was successfully completed and Devonport Towers changed the profile of the inner city and led the way for future development in downtown Tauranga.

MBA at Waikato

It was during this time, in the early 2000s, that Paul Bowker decided to upskill and completed an MBA at the University of Waikato in Tauranga. The Waikato Management School is ranked the top business school in New Zealand. He has since gone on to become active in the business community and strategic development of Tauranga, invited by the Tauranga City Council to be a member of the City Centre Strategy Steering Committee. That strategy, two years in development, is now being put in place, setting a blueprint for Tauranga’s future.

“It’s my continued ambition to undertake challenges that ultimately make positive differences. Tauranga, as one of the faster growing cities in New Zealand has both opportunities and challenges in abundance,” says Mr Bowker.

“Being involved in different aspects of this growth has been personally rewarding and fun. It is however not always possible to fully understand whether one’s efforts and involvement have in fact added value. This award, from such a reputable academic institution is certainly acknowledgement of the validity of my endeavours and as such is greatly appreciated.”

Involvement in Business Sector

Mr Bowker has been vice-president of the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce since 2004, is a board member of Tourism Bay of Plenty and the ministerial appointment on the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Council. He oversees several family-business projects including residential and commercial property developments and mentors staff in a fast-growing fashion retail chain. Outside his own business, he helps individuals seeking to improve their skills and expand their businesses.