Remembering the rain

8 October 2012

Jordan Browne

Jordan Browne: Creator of I Remember the Rain which has recieved worldwide attention and rave reviews.

Waikato University Screen and Media student Jordan Browne spends his spare time at university creating unique multimedia projects, his latest venture being an interactive short story he’s called, I Remember the Rain.

In an interactive story, the user is presented with a video game format and they move their characters through a narrative or storyline to a conclusion.

“It’s basically a really unique way to tell a story in a way that you become completely immersed in because you are in control,” says Jordan.

I Remember the Rain tells a story of a man who has lost a loved one in a car accident. The dialogue explores this loss and the associated aftermath.

Meaningful connections

Jordan, who is currently carrying out his masters focused on the construction of interactive spaces, says he wanted to take a dark, emotive narrative and present in a way that would be unexpected.

The project took him a month to put together. “The game itself is only about five to ten minutes long so the biggest challenge was trying to establish a meaningful connection between the story and the audience in such a short length of time."

Online distribution has facilitated the whole process; the accessibility of the form makes it easy to get the game out to audiences.

Worldwide attention

The interactive story has had a lot of unexpected attention from overseas, and has had rave reviews from critics in many countries. “I’ve even found websites in French, German and Chinese discussing it. There has been quite a lot of press in Russia particularly – it’s so surreal watching someone play your work while speaking over it in a foreign language.”

One review in particular stands out from international gaming review website, Indie Games The Weblog; “An excellently told, stunningly illustrated and touchingly narrated story and I do believe most people will savour the experience it provides“.

“Most of what I’ve worked on lately has been film and music so it’s cool to approach a medium with a greater sense of interactivity,” says Jordan. His alter ego is MC JB, a comedic rapper who raps about anything from zombies to farmyard animals.

“I’m going to keep making games like these, I’d like to explore making interactive stories based on real events - there’s a lot of untouched potential in documentary games. Even in terms of local politics, interactive stories and experimental games could have a lot to say. There is something so poignant about wrapping serious themes in a simple, traditionally playful aesthetic.”