University's own MASH

29 June 2012

Mash V

Typography: A letter 'V' designed by MASH team member and University of Waikato student Haylie Gray.

Typography brought them together and now they’re turning it into a business. Four University of Waikato computer graphic design students – past and present – recently set up a website called MASH.

MASH is an acronym formed from the group’s members, Mary, Alice, Saranna and Haylie – self-confessed typography nuts, and every day throughout June and July one member of the team is presenting a new design for a letter and posting it on their website

Students and graduates

Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars Saranna Drury and Haylie Gray are currently completing their honours years for their Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design; another Hillary Scholar, masters graduate Mary Faber, will be presenting her research at the international ATypi conference in Hong Kong in October; and former student and lecturer Alice Lo is about to start work at a Hamilton advertising and marketing company.

New work sought

The designers are confident new work will spring from the MASH site. “This is like an exhibition, from which we hope to get commissions, and we’re organising a physical exhibition for August of our first project to gain local exposure” says Saranna Drury. “We’ll be a type foundry and create complete alphabets – that’s upper and lower case, numbers, symbols – the works.”

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