Waikato Professor wins Journal of Physics A Best Paper prize

11 July 2012

Professor Ernie Kalnins

Professor Ernie Kalnins: One of three winners of the Journal of Physics A Best Paper prize for 2012.

Mathematics Professor Ernie Kalnins from the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences is one of the three winners of the Journal of Physics A Best Paper prize for 2012.

The Journal of Physics A is a peer-reviewed scientific journal contributed to by academics world-wide.

Professor Kalnins, together with Willard Miller Jr (University of Minnesota) and Sarah Post (University of Montreal), wrote the prize-winning paper Coupling constant metamorphosis and Nth-order symmetries in classical and quantum mechanics. All original research papers published in Journal of Physics A in 2010 and 2011 were eligible for the prize.

“This recognition supports the notion that work can be done here at Waikato that gets the attention of the scientific community world-wide,” says Professor Kalnins. “The award has enabled this work to continue and be of continuing interest.”

Nominations for the prize were received from readers of the journal. These nominations were then assessed by the Section Editors using the criteria of novelty, achievement, potential impact and presentation. Their winning paper was considered to have excelled in all of these categories.

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