Waikato University solar engineers inspire school students

4 April 2012

BEV visits Hillcrest Normal School

Inspired: Hillcrest Normal Students take turns driving a remote control model solar car.

Waikato University’s BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) made a visit to Hillcrest Normal School recently to complement the class’s solar energy science project.

Dr Mike Duke and masters graduate Ben McGuinness demonstrated solar techniques to students, using solar cells, solar panels, a remote control model solar car and the well-known BEV, which travelled from Auckland to the Bluff late last year.

Students interact with solar technology

After a question and answer session, the students took turns driving the remote car around the playground and sitting in the BEV. The BEV was built by a group of engineering students over two semesters and is a single-seater commuter vehicle powered by a bank of 10 lithium-ion batteries.

“The students were incredibly energetic and enthusiastic,” says Dr Duke.

Waikato visit the talk of the day

Hillcrest Normal School's Andy Peart says, “It was amazing. I'm stoked just to get exposure to the gear let alone the expertise and openness to share them. The kids were inspired and couldn't stop talking about it.”

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