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  • University Students Spill the Beans

    25 September 2012
    Twelve public relations students from the University of Waikato have put together a campaign called Spill the Beans to encourage Management School students to talk to their families about organ and tissue donation.

  • At the threshold of understanding

    25 September 2012
    Twice as many New Zealand university students choose to study creative arts over information technology, and preliminary Tertiary Education Commission figures also show that only 6% of students choose engineering -- despite a global shortage of technicians and engineers.

  • Why chemistry is good for your health

    25 September 2012
    Research by a University of Waikato postgraduate student is behind a new health drink being launched in the health-conscious Asian markets by a Hamilton-based company.

  • Looking to the Greeks for insights into human nature

    27 September 2012
    University of Waikato PhD student and feminist researcher Dr Jane Cook has been looking at Greek philosophy and mythology for insights into issues affecting human nature.

  • Re-examining history theory

    28 September 2012
    University of Waikato PhD student and history lecturer Nēpia Mahuika has been reviewing the way academics document indigenous oral history.

  • Time for Music to party

    28 September 2012
    The University of Waikato’s Music programme is 25 years old and there’ll be two concerts to celebrate the achievement - a variety showcase on Saturday 13 October and a gala concert on Sunday afternoon 14 October.

  • Waikato University Earth Science champion honoured at Kudos awards

    28 September 2012
    A champion for earth sciences, Professor Cam Nelson received the University of Waikato Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Kudos Awards for his outstanding contribution to science.

  • Fresh water scientist wins Kudos awards

    28 September 2012
    A University of Waikato scientist working to improve water quality in New Zealand and overseas has won the environmental scientist category at this year’s Kudos Awards.

  • Waikato sustainability coordinator named as Kudos winner

    28 September 2012
    University of Waikato sustainability coordinator Rachael Goddard has won a Kudos Award for her work increasing awareness of environmental issues around the Waikato.

  • University engineer wins a Kudos award for roofing-technology

    28 September 2012
    Dr Mike Duke from the University of Waikato’s School of Engineering has won a 2012 Kudos awards for his work incorporating solar technology into long run metal roofing.

  • An extended trip to New Zealand

    2 October 2012
    Hannah Merdian came to New Zealand to complete the internships required for her psychology degree, but leaves with a PhD in forensic psychology.

  • Waikato student scoops top scholarship to Cambridge University

    4 October 2012
    A Waikato University computer science student has been awarded a prestigious Woolf Fisher Scholarship, worth about $100,000 a year for up to four years, to study for a PhD at Cambridge University in the UK.

  • Waikato University rises in latest world rankings

    5 October 2012
    The latest set of world rankings released today has seen the University of Waikato at its highest ranking ever.

  • Artist, playwright and poet to receive honorary doctorate

    5 October 2012
    A man who’s played a big part in Hamilton’s art scene for more than 60 years will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Waikato this month.

  • University students show how tough they really are

    5 October 2012
    Waikato University students eagerly lined up on Wednesday to compete in the Tough Enough Challenge - an obstacle course come Fear Factor event aimed to draw people’s attention to talking about organ donation. Competitors had to complete a range of activities including crawling under an army net, running through tyres and drinking raw egg.

  • Remembering the rain

    8 October 2012
    Waikato University Screen and Media student Jordan Browne spends his spare time at university creating unique multimedia projects, his latest venture being an interactive short story he’s called, I Remember the Rain.

  • Waikato honorary doctorate for mainstay of analytical testing industry

    8 October 2012
    A leader in the development of New Zealand’s internationally respected analytical testing industry is to receive the University of Waikato’s highest honour.

  • Chasing his rugby dream

    9 October 2012
    Whetu Douglas came to the University of Waikato to get a tertiary education and continue the enjoyment he gets from playing rugby.

  • New partnership to boost sporting excellence

    10 October 2012
    The University of Waikato has announced it will partner with the Home of Cycling Charitable Trust to develop a range of research and consultancy services around community and high-performance sport in the Waikato region.

  • Becoming a global citizen

    10 October 2012
    Global citizenship was on the agenda last night, as one of the University of Waikato’s newest professors presented her inaugural lecture.

  • Flights of Absurdia

    11 October 2012
    University of Waikato theatre studies students have used the work of absurdist playwrights as a springboard for their own production being staged this month.

  • Ranfurly Shield visits the University of Waikato

    11 October 2012
    Yesterday the Waikato Rugby Union brought the Ranfurly Shield to the university Village Green to let students bask in the regions rugby glory.

  • Giving a voice to young fathers

    11 October 2012
    A University of Waikato masters student has been looking at the experiences of young men who became fathers while at high school.

  • A PhD: Part of the learning journey

    11 October 2012
    You don’t have to be a pointy-headed academic to embark on a PhD.

  • More than 30,000 samples used to assess the effect of Rena

    12 October 2012
    Data collected from more than 30,000 samples has so far shown that levels of PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) from Rena oil appear to have dissipated in most areas in the Bay of Plenty. However scientists say there is still a significant amount of work to be done before any final conclusions on long-term environmental impacts can be made; this includes more sample information to be collected from Astrolabe Reef (Otaiti).

  • Silver Fern, rowing champ win Blues Awards

    15 October 2012
    Silver Fern Laura Langman and world under 23 rowing champion Hayden Cohen won major awards at the 2012 Wallace Corporation University of Waikato Blues Awards held on Friday.

  • Searching for diamonds

    15 October 2012
    A University of Waikato earth and ocean science graduate is making his mark in the mining industry after getting a job with global mining and mineral corporation Rio Tinto.

  • Retiree renews passion for NZ flora at Waikato University

    16 October 2012
    An interest in New Zealand’s flora led retired Auckland businessman Philip Rigley back to university at the age of 57 to study a topic which renewed his appetite for learning.

  • Tauranga lecturer wins Next Magazine Woman of the Year in Education

    16 October 2012
    University of Waikato Tauranga lecturer Chris Brough has won the education category final of the 2012 Next Woman of the Year Awards, held last Thursday in Auckland.

  • Shaping policy in the Pacific

    17 October 2012
    University of Waikato graduate Charlie Gillard has already landed on his feet, and is working in Wellington as a policy analyst at The New Zealand Treasury.