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  • Vice-Chancellor meets with Hamilton Rotary Club

    14 May 2012
    Members of the Hamilton Rotary Club met with Vice-Chancellor Professor Roy Crawford on Monday 14 May to learn more about the university.

  • Demographic institute says statistics absent in the solo parent, contraception debate

    15 May 2012
    Solo parents, teenage births and babies born outside marriage are all statistics on the radar of the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, based at the University of Waikato.

  • Waikato University welcomes community to celebrate Kīngitanga Day

    16 May 2012
    The University of Waikato hosted prominent Māori academics, lawyers, historians and esteemed kaumātua today, who came to celebrate Kīngitanga Day – an annual celebration of the relationship between the university and the Kīngitanga.

  • Marriage under the microscope for University production

    17 May 2012
    Theatre Studies students at the University of Waikato are stepping well-back in time for The Convent of Pleasure – a play about a group of unmarried women who choose to avoid all the trappings of men and marriage by creating their own community.

  • Constitution for Aotearoa topic of symposium

    17 May 2012
    A panel of leading Māori academics, lawyers, historians and esteemed kaumātua discussed the role the Treaty of Waikato would play in a constitution for Aotearoa at the University of Waikato.

  • Social Work students take studies to court

    17 May 2012
    University of Waikato Social Work students got a taste of life outside the classroom last week when they took part in a simulated court exercise in Tauranga’s Family Court.

  • The power of story

    18 May 2012
    Visiting Indigenous Australian academic, author and playwright Dr Jared Thomas attended marae graduation at the University of Waikato last month and was moved to tears.

  • University team repeat victory

    18 May 2012
    The Waikato University Netball team have once again claimed the Super 12 club netball title.

  • University expert to discuss sustainable accounting

    21 May 2012
    In his upcoming Inaugural Professorial Lecture University of Waikato Accounting Professor Charl de Villiers will discuss why businesses have begun to promote their social, environmental and sustainability programmes.

  • University message for Auckland students

    21 May 2012
    Tyrone Te Ruruku is taking Japanese as an elective at Waikato University because he hopes to play rugby in Japan, and he’s backing up his sporting aspirations with a degree that he hopes will lead him into aviation.

  • Idyllic island location for Waikato work placement

    22 May 2012
    Studying bird life in some of the world’s most beautiful islands was all part of the Waikato University experience for science student Adara Withers.

  • Fieldays: Waikato student helps LIC sort the cows

    22 May 2012
    A summer studying cows has given a University of Waikato student Dushyant Parmar an unparalleled insight into bovine behaviour.

  • Fieldays: Dairy data could answer carbon questions

    22 May 2012
    There’s something going on in the dairy farming pastures of New Zealand and a team of University of Waikato scientists is determined to discover exactly what.

  • Fieldays: Nurturing one wetland at a time

    22 May 2012
    University of Waikato doctorate student Rebecca Eivers wants to nurse Waikato’s ailing peat lakes back to health one floating wetland at a time.

  • Waikato students win top prizes in Chinese speech competition

    22 May 2012
    Third year Waikato University Chinese language students Sarah Thomson and Stephen McIntosh were awarded first and third place respectively in the 11th Chinese Bridge Speech Competition on May 12 at Auckland University.

  • Award for honey wound dressing review

    23 May 2012
    The Director of the University of Waikato’s Honey Research Unit, Professor Peter Molan, has won an award for his scientific review of the efficacy of honey-based wound dressings.

  • Full house for religious expert’s inaugural lecture

    23 May 2012
    University of Waikato Religious Studies Professor Douglas Pratt presented his inaugural professorial lecture to a full house of over 300 guests last night.

  • Waikato student gets Hicks Scholarship

    23 May 2012
    University of Waikato student Mark Benseman has been awarded a $15,000 Hicks Scholarship to research a new way of measuring dry paddock matter.

  • Record deal for Waikato university lecturer

    24 May 2012
    Waikato University screen and media senior lecturer Dr Gareth Schott ended a year-long research project on online communities by releasing a debut CD.

  • Waikato students receive Freemasons scholarships

    24 May 2012
    Five Waikato University students are among the recipients of this year’s Freemasons Charity scholarships.

  • Old play – new look

    25 May 2012
    Theatre Studies students at the University of Waikato are stepping well-back in time for this year’s annual production. The Play Production class is performing The Convent of Pleasure – a play about a group of unmarried women who choose to avoid all the trappings of men and marriage by creating their own community.

  • Rena discussed at Kīngitanga Day

    25 May 2012
    Iwi from Tauranga Moana and Te Arawa shared their views on the Rena disaster during Kīngitanga Day celebrations at the University of Waikato in Hamilton yesterday.

  • University holds information expo

    28 May 2012
    The University of Waikato is holding its own version of a careers expo this year.

  • Fieldays: Turning feathers to fibre

    29 May 2012
    University of Waikato scientists are taking chicken feathers and turning them into fibres that, when added to plastic, could be strong enough to be used in the marine industry.

  • Waikato University marketing students ‘shooting’ for success

    29 May 2012
    A group of five Waikato University marketing students, called ‘Team Splatter’, are hoping to make their mark at the Waikato Management School’s annual Marketing Trade Show this coming Friday with a unique, environmentally friendly version of paintball.

  • Fieldays: Research predicts weather to help farmers

    30 May 2012
    Farmers know a change in the weather when they see one, and now University of Waikato doctorate student Electra Kalaugher can give them an indication of how their farm production might be affected by climate change.

  • That funny guy

    30 May 2012
    Sell out solo shows in Wellington and Auckland, the 48 hour film challenge and the finals of the Billy T James Award – all part of a week’s work for former Waikato student and comedian Tom Furniss.

  • In the footsteps of Hillary

    31 May 2012
    Three University of Waikato Sir Edmund Hillary scholars have been selected to go to Nepal to see some of the work Sir Ed did for the people there, do some work themselves and, weather permitting, trek to Everest base camp.

  • Students busk and bake to continue Sir Ed’s legacy

    31 May 2012
    Talented students have been out busking on the University of Waikato campus to raise money to continue the work of Sir Edmund Hillary in Nepal.

  • Windermere Campus Open Day

    1 June 2012
    The University of Waikato will talk about the range of programmes available to students in Tauranga when it joins the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic for its annual open day at Windermere Campus next week.