Bright ideas from Waikato Management School students

14 May 2014

Professor Soetjipto and Rt Hon Jim Bolger

Community Open Day activities: “The Drop” ping pong ball event is one of 16 created by Waikato Management School students to celebrate the University of Waikato’s 50th anniversary.

Ping pong balls, bingo and weightlifting are an unlikely trio, but all will be on campus at the University of Waikato this month.

As part of an event management paper, Waikato Management School students have come up with a range of events to help celebrate the University of Waikato’s 50th anniversary this year.

The class of about 110 students has divided into 16 groups that have arranged activities including a photo competition that promotes Waikato University degrees and takes place at Community Open Day on Saturday 17 May.

Community Open Day activities

There will also be a ‘Paint the Town Red’ party where at least 200 students will wear red - the University colour, a ping pong ball drop where 1000 ping pong balls will be dropped from a fire-engine ladder onto students who then have to find the 50 with numbers on them that are the answers to four questions.

There is also a game show involving students and lecturers competing against each other, aimed to promote a fun relationship between students and lecturers.

Valuable practical experience

Tutor Megan Burton-Brown says this annual exercise gives the management school students valuable practical experience as part of their course.

“This paper gives students the opportunity to really apply what they learn in class to a real-life event and experience,” says Megan.

Designed with the community in mind, Community Open Day - on Saturday 17 May from 11am-4pm -  is a free event and features themed ‘hubs’ around campus and a variety of activities, interactive exhibits, demonstrations, tours and mini-lectures. There will be a dedicated family hub, and food will be available on site. Whether you’re a student, staff, alumni or community member, Community Open Day will have something for everyone.

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